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Bach und Reger im Zentrum
Gerhard Weinberger zum 75. Geburtstag
Edited by Paul Thissen

with the assistance of Jürgen Buchner

Softcover, VII + 299 pages
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Bach and Reger at the centre - this statement stands for the work of Gerhard Weinberger, to whom this Festschrift is dedicated. The texts collected here, however, are not only Bach and Reger, but also cover a wide range of topics, from portraits of composers and works, studies of sources, questions of the didactics of improvisation improvisation lessons and the future of the "sibling pair" of school and church music to the subject of organ building. More personal contributions
complement the scholarly and technical texts. A comprehensive documentation of the dedicatee's work as editor and of his artistic his artistic activity, as reflected in records and CD recordings, round off this round off this publication.

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