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Stefan Nusser
„Das Magdeburgisch Clavier“. Kleine Geschichte des Orgel- und Clavierbaus in Magdeburg

.Erscheint Ende Mai 2024.

Softcover, VI + 178 pages
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Among the cities on the Elbe, Magdeburg can probably only be compared to medieval Hamburg in terms of the wealth of ecclesiastical foundations that dominated the panorama from the river with the silhouettes of parish and cathedral churches, chapels, monasteries and hospitals. However, Magdeburg's history also tells of extremely severe destruction in wars such as 1631 and 1945 and of the sacrifices that the growing fortifications repeatedly demanded. The construction of organs by the best masters of their time is also one of the great reconstruction achievements. Stefan Nusser offers an overview of the activities of organ and keyboard builders in Magdeburg's parish churches and its suburbs, which often stood in the shadow of the cathedral. The instruments from the workshops of Compenius, Schnitger, Treutmann, Wagner, Reubke, Röver, Rühlmann, Sauer, Jehmlich, Eule and Schuke make Magdeburg an organ city from a historical and contemporary perspective.

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