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Crüger 1622
Ein Berliner Kantor schreibt Musikgeschichte
Edited by Albrecht Henkys, Hans-Otto Korth und Wolfgang Miersemann
ISBN 978-3-937788-73-9
Softcover, 270 pages, with many illustrations
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From 1622 to 1662, Johann Crüger held the cantorship at the Nikolaikirche in Berlin and was also a teacher at the Berlin Gymnasium zum Grauen Kloster. During these years, Berlin experienced an unprecedented musical flowering. Together with Paul Gerhardt and other poets, the Nikolaikantor created songs that are sung all over the world today.

Never before has the work and influence of Johann Crüger been illuminated from so many different perspectives as in this book. Far beyond aspects of music and church history, his life and work are embedded in the urban and cultural history of Berlin in the 17th century. Last but not least, the volume offers new discoveries and insights.

With numerous illustrations authentic to cultural history, a vivid picture of this period is conveyed. The demands of a scientific standard work are combined with those of a reading and picture book, which also invites a broader audience interested in cultural history to a stimulating and informative reading.

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