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Bassoboe – Viola - Klavier
Pieces by P. Hindemith, R. Kahn, A. Richardsom
Sabine Kaselow (Bassoboe)
Christoph Starke (Viola)
Jens Hoffmann (Klavier)
Preface by Ekkehard Krüger (German, English)
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The chamber music repertoire for the bass oboe is still rather limited. This explains why, when selecting pieces for the instruments featured on this CD, we considered compositions that were written for an older relative of the bass oboe. Indeed one reason for developing this rival in the field of sound concepts, the heckelphone, was the wish to expand the low oboe register. The bass oboe built by the brothers Mönnig (Markneukirchen) has developed this concept further, opening up new ways of tonal realization and performing techniques. Thus it no longer serves merely as an alternative to the heckelphone. The compilation of pieces presented on this CD demonstrates how this still rather small line of repertoire can be spelt out anew by using the bass oboe. In this respect Hindemith’s heckelphone trio has to be considered a pioneering achievement of great significance.

(Ekkehard Krüger, translation by Stephanie Wollny)


Paul Hindemith (1895-1963)
Trio op. 47
für Klavier, Bratsche und Heckelphon (Bassoboe)
Erster Teil: Solo, Arioso, Duett
Zweiter Teil: Potpourri

Robert Kahn (1865-1951)
Serenade f-moll op. 73

für Oboe, Horn und Klavier in einer Fassung für Viola, Bassoboe und Klavier
Andante sostenuto
Allegretto non troppo e grazioso

Alan Richardson (1904-1978)
Trio Sonata

für Viola, Bassklarinette und Klavier in einer Fassung für Viola, Bassoboe und Klavier
Allegro energico
Andante con moto

Devon Yasamune Toyotomi (geb.1991)
Lithium Daphnae

für Bassoboe, Viola und Klavier

Graham Waterhouse (geb.1962)
Vier Epigraphe nach Escher op. 35

für Viola, Heckelphon (Bassoboe) und Klavier
Die Gottesanbeterin



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