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Bassoboe – Duos
Pieces by J. S. Bach, Eberhard Eyser, Robert Rønnes and Stefan Heucke
Sabine Kaselow: bass oboe
Christian Skobowsky: organ
Andrea Thiele: harp
Jens Hoffmann: piano
Sylvia Schmückle-Wagner: bass clarinet
Preface by Ekkehard Krüger (German, English)
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In its present form the bass oboe, the lowest instrument of the oboe family, was built in France already in the 19th century. Earlier bass instruments of this kind looked more like the bassoon. Timbre and register of the bass oboe are situated somewhere between the cor anglais and the bassoon. At a slightly later time in Germany the heckelphone was developed, an instrument commanding the same range but with a different timbre. Both oboe types gained entry into the late Romantic orchestral literature. The bass oboe “Gebr. Mönnig” was developed following a new concept by the Berlin instrument builder Ludwig Frank. Equipped with a bell similar to that of an oboe and made from maple, the instrument allows a larger range than traditional models. Altogether this is a welcome addition to the oboe family, commanding a large volume, a reliable intonation, and highly variable dynamic capacities.

(Ekkehard Krüger, translation by Stephanie Wollny)


J. S. Bach (1685–1750)
Sonata for viola da gamba and harpsichord in G major (BWV 1027)
arranged for bass oboe and organ by Stéphane Egeling
Adagio 4:15, Allegro ma non tanto 3:46, Andante 2:39, Allegro moderato 3:07
Eberhard Eyser (born 1932)
Pastorelles for bass oboe and harp
No. 1. 4:13, No. 2. 5:24, No. 3. 7:26
Robert Rønnes (born 1959)
3 Nocturnes for bass oboe and piano
1st Nocturne 6:02, 2nd Nocturne 3:46, 3rd Nocturne 6:53
Stefan Heucke (born 1959)
Lamentatio for bass oboe and bass clarinet, 8:53


Recording: February–May 2011 – Erlöserkirche Potsdam
Greve Studio Berlin Recording
Producer/Editing: Volker Greve, Christoph Schlimbach
Mastering: Volker Greve
Photos: Albrecht Noack
Graphic Designer: Kata Unger, Ulla Nickl © 2011
ortus musikverlag
Made in Germany

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